Sunday, January 30, 2011

FREE Call of Duty Black Ops Classic Zombie Maps!!!

Do you play Call of Duty : Black Ops for the XBOX 360?

You do? Well, have i got something for you! Introducing the Black Ops Classic Zombie Map Pack !!! This map pack is totally free and features 3 maps from Call of Duty World at War which have been refurbished to run in Black Ops! Get ready to play for 3 awesome maps including :

Der Reise
Nacht der Untoten

Now i know what your thinking.. wheres Shi No Numa.. well it doesnt work.. but what do you expect .. its FREE!

Now i know what else your thinking.. where's the download!? .. well.. its right here my friend!!

The download comes in 3 parts.. and they have a password !
Download password here..

Download map pack here..

part1 -
part2 -
part3 -
part4 -


  1. Hey are you sure those ads/promotions are safe to get to the password?
    I would hate to get a virus from it or Identity theft.
    Can't you just give me the password too?

  2. it is perfectly safe ! if u dont trust me, just delete the file after you're done considering u just need the password once and the password is the same for all the files.

    1. yah but then it is to late rtard ps don't use servery sites if you want people to trust you

  3. suck your!!!!!!!!upload another hosting